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My Story

Hi, I’m Denyse.

I came back to a regular yoga practice in my 50s to heal myself. In doing so, I became intrigued with the possibility of introducing others to yoga’s healing benefits.

At 16, I discovered Yoga based on a recommendation from my Mom. She was deeply concerned by the level of stress and anxiety, I experienced in anticipation of standardized testing. The gentle Hatha based practices and guided meditations calmed my mind and spirit. The movements made my awkward adolescence feel graceful. These early lessons were imprinted and eased my transition from teen years into adulthood.

As I embarked on a rewarding, but sometimes stressful, almost four decade global business career, Yoga retreats at Kripalu in PA and MA brought me back to balance. In my 50s, after a diagnosis of Type II Diabetes and while in recovery from a painful foot surgery, I decided I was too young to feel so old. The corporate job I loved was going through yet another reorganization. To deal with pending changes, I enrolled in a weekend Advanced Yoga study program. This seemingly casual interest in Yoga led to many more years of in-depth study and focus.

Through living life and studying yoga more deeply, I learned first hand that with gentle practice, you can reclaim the joy of movement and renewed calm through restorative, stress-relieving yoga sessions. You are never too old to start!

“To be calm, to be serene! There is the calmness of the lake when there is not a breath of wind. . . . So it is with us. Sometimes we are clarified and calmed healthily, as we never were before in our lives, … so that we become like a still lake of purest crystal and without an effort our depths are revealed to ourselves.”
~Henry David Thoreau