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“Thank you so much for launching me into yoga and meditation! As a newbie recovering from a stroke, I was a little fearful to go to a class. You were terrific and made it easy to get started. Your understanding of my limitations made the process enjoyable.  Thank you!”

(private student in her 60’s)

“As a woman who does not normally do Yoga, I had some trepidation in attending one of Denyse LeFever’s classes. I am not flexible and do not do well on the floor. All of my fears were calmed the minute she took her place. Denyse is a gentle guide who can bring anyone to a comfortable space on the Yoga mat. Her use of lavender is quite unique and she marries it very nicely to the Yoga practice. I would highly recommend Denyse’s class to anyone seeking stillness of mind and movement of body.”

(“Senior” class participant)

The sense of support I get from Denyse is something I didn’t expect from anyone at all.  She is a true healer and I am so lucky to have her as a teacher.

( 20 something busy career person, coping with health issues)

Denyse’s restorative lavender yoga class I attended went beyond restoration. I felt refreshed, relaxed and once more centered into my being. It was definitely worthwhile and healing to stop and be present for a few moments in a busy life.

( 50 something, Busy Mom and School Teacher)

As a person who’s mind is running non-stop, I went into Denyse’s class like I do most relaxation classes, thinking I would just go through the motions, while creating to-do lists in my head of everything else I need to get done. However, with Denyse’s restorative session, something different happened — about 20 minutes in, I became fully relaxed with a completely clear mind! It was an amazing feeling and something I yearn to have again! Thank you, Denyse, for being the one person who was truly able to tame my mind and give it a much needed break.

(Fast track career oriented, 20 something student)