Private Sessions

A private session with me will help you focus on what’s most important for a balanced life. My training is influenced by principles of yoga therapy. In this concept, Yoga views the individual as a whole to include body, breath, emotions, intellect and spirit. Stress can cause imbalances at any level of the individual, not just the body.

Yoga teaches that You already know what is required to restore your Self to balance and be your best Self. Sometimes as we get busy with life or face a health issue, stress makes us forget our True Self. Together, we will explore what aspects of yoga will work best for you. Different than a yoga class, this session is individualized to deal with your specific situation.

I work with you to help you identify appropriate practices for your needs.
Each session is structured according to the intention that you identify. These sessions use individualized yogic practices to help you move toward achieving your specific wellness goal or objective. A typical session will last up to an hour and may include some communication to understand goals, objectives and progress. Practices can include breath work, meditation, relaxation techniques, and/or a series of postures based on what goals are set. Normally several sessions work best toward achieving objectives. Based on our session together, there will usually be some homework assigned to help you meet your objectives between sessions.

Some areas of focus that past clients have chosen to address include:

  • Regain more strength, agility and balance after suffering a heart attack, stroke or other physical condition
  • Develop more strength and flexibility
  • Calm anxiety
  • Deal with Grief after loss of a loved one
  • Cope with Family, Job or School related Stress
  • Learn Yoga practices that may ease symptoms of Type II Diabetes or similar lifestyle dis-eases
  • Reduce or delay progression of Arthritis Symptoms through Yoga
  • Develop Lifestyle Practices for Healthy Aging
  • Practices to cope with Anxiety and Depression
  • Maintain Balance while coping with a marital separation

If you think a private wellness session based on the principles of yoga therapy would be of interest to you, please contact me so we can discuss what might work best for you.

Last night, a friend asked me what is it that we do in a yoga therapy class. I answered “We connect. My teacher connects with me on so many levels and she supports me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”  I cannot thank you enough.

The sense of support I get from Denyse is something I didn’t expect from anyone at all.  She is a true healer and I am so lucky to have her as a teacher.

– 20-something Busy Career Person Coping with Health Issues