The following are other workshops which are available on demand.  The focus is on stress-reduction practices to ease body mind, and spirit. Contact Denyse if you are interested in hosting a stress-reduction workshop near you!

Two-Hour Chillaxation Restorative Workshop

Sometimes you may want to take your self-care a little deeper. In a two hour Chillaxation Restorative workshop, Denyse guides you into relaxed state. Students leave with a sense of renewed calm after this deeply relaxing class which helps you to move from a “fight or flight” response (sympathetic nervous system) to a “rest and digest” response (parasympathetic nervous system).

Yoga and Lavender Series

For an added sense of finding ease, Denyse’s Yoga and Lavender Series has been a popular workshop at different retreats in VA, PA and NJ.  The Yoga and Lavender Workshop is tailored to meet the interests of participants and can vary in length and format. Denyse incorporates responsibly harvested lavender oil to add to the stress-reducing benefits of Gentle Yoga and Guided Meditation.

Brain Longevity Series

Based on her Brain Longevity Training through the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF), Denyse has created a series of yoga classes that build upon the evidence based practices that may delay  memory loss.  The classes may include all four pillars of Alzheimer’s  Prevention (Diet, Stress Management, Exercise and Spiritual Fitness) or it can be tailored to the interests of the specific group.

Stress Management For Diabetes Prevention

Since 2020, Denyse has been a regular guest presenter at Virginia Hospital’s Diabetes Prevention Program.  As a certified Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle coach, herself, Denyse augments the CDC developed curriculum with tangible yoga practices that help manage stress.  She offers an overview of how stress can contribute to a pre-Diabetes diagnosis and tips to help reduce reactions to that stress.  This class can be expanded or tailored to help other organizations address stress management among their constituents.

“In April of 2016 I invited Denyse to be a part of a woman’s retreat weekend at the Franciscan Spiritual Center in Aston, PA. I had experienced her work at a previous retreat in NJ and felt that her contribution to the weekend would be perfect.  Denyse’s Lavender Yoga was so well received that she will be invited back to the next retreat weekend.  I would love to see her workshop be included in other venues as well.”
– Marge Roche Richards, The Awareness Group