Lavender I Colored My World

by Harry L. Le Fever

lavender boys, lavender girls
lavender eyes, lavender curls

lavender dogs, lavender cats
lavender bugs, including gnats

lavender clouds, lavender skies
lavender anything that flies

lavender ships, lavender fish
lavender love, lavender wish

lavender hills, lavender trees
lavender spring and summer breeze

lavender leaves before the fall
lavender sleet, the raven’s call

lavender cows, lavender sheep
lavender fields in winter sleep

then i tried a lavender school
i learned just how i’d been the fool

the clouds are white, the sky is blue
what I had thought couldn’t be true

the city is puce, the grass is green
milk is chalky and cream is cream

monday is grey and sunday brown
and up is high and low is down

the night is black, the sun is red
the same old thing until I’m dead

i wandered and warred, sweat and swore
i almost lost my sight before

lavender ladies colored my life
lavender daughters, lavender wife

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